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(3 Steps) CCA Voucher - Buy Postal Uniforms & USPS Uniforms


1) Shop your Type 1 Postal Uniforms, and select "CCA Voucher" as your payment option at the last step of checkout. Then, complete your checkout.

2) Take a clear photo of your filled out CCA voucher and either e-mail or text us the photo after you've completed your order.

You can e-mail us at:
You can text us at: 929-242-9503

3) Please include your station manager's direct e-mail or phone number. We'll need to verify the payment method with your station manager. After we've reached out to them, we will ship out your order with your tracking confirmation # e-mailed to you, that's it!

Important tips to remember:

1. City Letter Carriers (CCA) are only authorized to purchase Type 1 postal uniforms.

2. We've also created postal uniform bundles, made specifically for letter carriers & CCAs. Complete with everything you'll need from shirts, to shorts, to pants, to outerwear. You can choose between light "summer" pants and heavy "winter" pants depending on the climate of your route.

3. Always provide a direct contact phone # for your station manager (or whoever is responsible for uniform purchases), that way, we can expedite the processing for your order as quickly as possible. 

4. CCAs aren't required to wear a uniform when they first start (but you should dress comfortably and professionally)  When you've completed your 90-days worked (or 120 days hired) probation period, you should request a CCA voucher from your post office manager/supervisor. For complete instructions on buying postal uniforms online, check out our guide.

What does a CCA Voucher look like?

cca voucher sample


Why purchase postal uniforms from accepts City Carrier Assistant (CCA) vouchers if you're purchasing postal uniforms online. We accept CCA vouchers by e-mail, phone, or text message. We always provide only the highest quality postal uniforms from American manufacturers (oftentimes union made) like A+SpiewakNew Balance, & Flying Cross. We also always ship via USPS Priority, and always provide FREE tracking confirmation with every purchase. 

Many other postal uniform vendors will mark up their prices 30-40% and then offer seemingly amazing 20% BONUSES on top of your purchase. Be sure to always compare the quality of what you're buying and the prices of what you're buying. We source directly from the manufacturers and pass along the savings to you. Keeping a modern, streamlined website helps us keeps our operations costs low and helps us keep our postal uniform prices discounted for you.