Window Clerks & Retail Operations

Type 2 Postal Uniforms

Approved for postal employees assigned to retail operations, such as window clerks. Type 2 postal uniforms have specific requirements that are mandated by the USPS Uniform Program guidelines. For example, they either have no logo or have a horizontal logo on the left chest area.

A typical uniform may consist of a type 2 polo shirt (long or short-sleeve light blue, with dark navy blue collars and and sleeve edges), dark navy trousers, and postal approved SR/USA labeled black shoes. Another popular uniform combination for type 2 employees may consist of non-logo dress-style shirts (available in short sleeve or long sleeve), heather gray trousers, and postal approved SR/USA footwear.

However, it is important to note that postal approved shoes/boots are only authorized for type 2 employees during their 3rd anniversary year. There are also other non-reimbursable items such as butcher-style aprons, to help keep postal uniforms clean.