Postal Uniform - Men's Letter Carrier/CCA [All-Weather Bundle]

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Type 1 Postal Uniform

Approved for city letter carriers, clerk/special delivery messengers, clerks performing city letter carrier duties, motor vehicle operators, tractor–trailer operators, driving instructors and examiners, letterbox mechanics, ramp clerks and transfer clerks, AMF, area maintenance technician/specialists, and maintenance mechanics working as letterbox mechanics.

We've created postal uniform bundle just for you. This bundle is perfect for letter carriers & city carrier assistants (CCAs), and is our featured "all-weather bundle".

It includes:

  • (3) short sleeve shirts
  • (1) short sleeve polo shirt
  • (2) long pants - you choose "heavy" or "light"
  • (1) medium weight fleece jacket/liner
  • (1) summer short
  • (1) adjustable baseball cap/hat

Total value: $512

IMPORTANT: At checkout for this bundle, please enter your shirt, pants, shorts, jacket, & hat sizes in the notes section. Please also include your pants hem length.