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Why You Can't Buy Postal Uniforms on Amazon & eBay

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Even though you may search and find postal uniforms (or some iteration of) for sale on Amazon & eBay. They may seem tempting to purchase, maybe because they're used & cheaper, maybe because they have a particular item in your size, or maybe because you're run out of allotment on your uniform allowance purchase card and you just want another bulky knit cardigan. But there are a few things to keep in mind about postal uniforms you see listed on Amazon & eBay.

If you're a CCA however, you'll want to check out our guide on how to use your CCA voucher to buy specific uniforms, since you aren't required to wear a uniform during your first 90 days worked.

1) Only authorized manufacturers are allowed to manufacturer postal uniforms.

They're always made to certain specifications, like specific fabrics, colors, and official USPS logos/patches in certain alignments and sewed on certain places. Any "postal uniform" items (mostly t-shirts, hoodies, & hats) that you see on Amazon were likely made by 3rd parties.

2) Only authorized uniform stores (like us at are authorized to carry and sell postal uniforms.

We're granted a license by the USPS Uniform Program (our license # is 24601) and we follow strict procedures and guidelines in order to sell postal uniforms to eligible postal employees. For example, only certain employees can purchase certain types of uniforms for their craft, and you'll either need to provide a valid Uniform Allowance Purchase Card (UAPC) at purchase (or provide an employee ID if paying with a personal card), whether it's online or in-store. Make sure you read our complete guide on buying postal uniforms.

3) You won't be able to use your UAPC.

Since Amazon & eBay, and sellers on it, are not authorized postal uniform vendors, the USPS won't allow your UAPC to be used for a transaction. You also can't provide your UAPC information, which is how postal uniform vendors identify an eligible postal employee.

4) There really shouldn't be any postal uniforms on those sites.

It's a federal crime 18 U.S. Code § 1730 for anyone who isn't an authorized postal employee to purchase and wear postal uniforms.

So where can I buy postal uniforms?

Well, you're already here! is an officially licensed postal uniform vendor (license # 24601). We accept purchases made with your uniform allowance purchase card, CCA vouchers, and personal credit/debit cards (provided you provide us with a valid UAPC at checkout). You can also find a full list of licensed postal uniform vendors right here, at USPS LiteBlue

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