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Who Makes Postal Uniforms?

Who Makes Postal Uniforms?

There are a number of official manufacturers of postal uniforms for the United States Post Office. Some specialize in shirts and pants, some specialize in outerwear, and some specialize in accessories like shoes, hats, and gloves. The USPS requires postal uniforms be wholly made in the United States, meaning, all materials must be sourced from within the US, and all manufacturing must be done within the US. Manufacturers also must be licensed with the USPS to actually make postal uniforms, to specifications. In the same token, only licensed postal uniform vendors, like, are authorized to actually sell postal uniforms to USPS employees.

Let's take a dive and see which manufacturers make postal uniforms for the USPS.

a+ career apparel


A+ Career Apparel

Our friends at A+ make a wide variety of postal uniforms for different positions. They're a company with roots dating back to the 1930s and pride themselves on unsurpassed quality, service, and value. A+ is headquartered in Burlingame, CA with a manufacturing hub in Star City, Arkansas. They make shirt jackets, polo shirts, and short sleeve shirts for letter carriers, as well as summer pants and summer shorts. For window clerks they make both short and long sleeve shirts, cardigans, and dress shirts. For type 3 postal employees such as mail handlers and maintenance, they make a very popular hoodie, and dark navy t-shirts and polo shirts. 

leader manufacturing

Leader Manufacturing

Leader is a family owns company and they've been operating for over 75 years. They're based in St. Louis, MO and specialize in hats for letter carriers, CCAs, and motor vehicle operators. Leader makes a sun visor, a regular baseball hat, a mesh baseball hat (for summer), a sun hat, and an insulated fur hat with ear flaps. 



If you're looking for outerwear and other winter jackets for postal employees, then Spiewak is the answer. They make windbreakers, parka jackets, bomber jackets, medium fleeces, heavy fleeces, all-weather winter pants, and all-weather winter jackets for type 1 postal employees. Their heaviest items also include Gore-Tex for added waterproof and breathability, and their fleece liners go perfectly with the all-weather jacket.

Flying Cross

Flying Cross

They're a brand of Fechheimer Brothers Company, a company that's been making public safety uniforms since 1842. The company started as a dry goods store in Cincinnati, OH and has expanded immensely since the early days. They specialize in shirt jackets, polo shirts, dress shirts, and other tops for both type 1 and type 2 postal employees, and they also make winter pants for letter carriers.



When it comes to winter gloves for postal employees, the absolute best option if Manzella. They make everything from heavy duty ranch style work gloves, to sleek touch tip gloves for smartphones, to convertible gloves that have finger flaps for extra versatility. Our letter carrier and driver customers love Manzella because they know they're buying a high quality proven product.