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Things to Know About The USPS Million Mile Award

Things to Know About The USPS Million Mile Award



The elusive USPS Million Mile Award is perhaps the greatest achievement bestowed upon USPS employees. It's an indicator of longevity, efficiency, and safety and it's an award that any postal vehicle operator should be extremely proud of to receive.

In order to receive the award a driver has to either achieve 1,000,000 miles of driving (or 30 years) and have exactly 0 preventable accidents on record. That's quite the feat. There are over 213,000 vehicles in operation in the USPS fleet, making it the largest civilian fleet of vehicles in the entire world. With such a wide variety of landscapes (both rural & urban) and taking into account traffic, weather, and even other drivers, it's incredibly hard to have a record that safe for that long.

If a USPS employee achieves this record, they receive a customized plaque with their name and their legacy goes down in USPS history.