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The Best Postal Uniforms for Winter & Cold Weather

The Best Postal Uniforms for Winter & Cold Weather

Now that the cold weather is approaching most of the United States, many postal employees are figuring out the best way to spend their postal uniform allowance to stay warm. There are a number of knitted, fleece, weatherproof, waterproof, & insulated options for postal employees. Most of the uniforms, by nature, are only approved for type 1 postal employees (letter carriers, CCAs, motor vehicle support, etc.) and type 3 postal employees (mail handlers, maintenance, etc.).

So let's take a little dive and check out the best postal uniforms for winter & cold weather.

Fur/Knit Cap

In terms of headwear, the fur/knit cap by Leader Manufacturing is the warmest option. It features ear flaps that offer added warmth & protection and the faux fur keeps your head & hair out of the elements. We source this postal approved hat from a family owned manufacturing that's been in business for 75 years.


Pull-down Face Mask

This A+ Career Apparel manufactured face mask offers protection for the entire head & face (except the eyes) and is best for windy routes. While headwear like winter baseball caps and the fur knit cap are great for protecting your head, those options do tend to leave your face exposed for those chilly piercing days. We recommend getting a pull-down face mask for optimum face warmth.


All-Weather Winter Jacket

The absolute warmest jacket that's approved for postal employees is hands down the all-weather jacket. It's a waterproof winter parka style jacket and is a must have for those with freezing routes. This jacket typically sells out every year and can be hard to come by as the weather cools down around the country. It goes great with the fleece liner jackets for additional warmth, and also pairs with the all-weather pants.


All-Weather Winter Pants

Speaking of all-weather pants, this pair of Spiewak manufactured pants is the warmest bottom that's currently approved for USPS employees. It features the same material as the jacket and the elastic waistband and zip-fly leg openings allow for great sizing customization. Our customers love this pair and will sometimes wear thermal leggings underneath it for additional warmth.


We offer a number of different glove options manufactured by Manzella and they'll all do a great job keeping your hands warm during those chilly windy days. There's a TouchTip option that works with smartphones, and a convertible mitten-like options that actually exposes your fingertips for added flexibility during your routes.

There are a good number of postal approved winter wear for USPS employees on - be sure to shop your craft when you shop!