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Even though you may search and find postal uniforms (or some iteration of) for sale on Amazon & eBay. They may seem tempting to purchase, maybe because they're used & cheaper, maybe because they have a particular item in your size, or maybe because you're run out of allotment on your uniform allowance purchase card and you just want another bulky knit cardigan. But, you actually aren't authorized to purchase postal uniforms on those sites.  If you're a CCA however, you'll want to check out our guide on how to use your CCA voucher to buy specific uniforms, since you...

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So you're probably here because you have some postal allowance to spend on new postal uniforms, and you're wondering which ones are the MUST HAVES that you need to buy. That's a great question. City letter carriers, CCA, & motor vehicle support/drivers have the most options, and most variety, when it comes to postal uniforms, because it's a position that has to take into account the weather & other elements. Uniforms for these crafts are collectively known as Type 1 Postal Uniforms. The USPS has created a comprehensive list for authorized uniform items for every craft, which you can check out...

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